Stockings Fetish niche is a widely accepted sexual stimulant .

So, stockings, is it the item?  Or, is it much more than the nylon material?  You decide.  Myself, it's the vintage nylons on my Very shapely legs.  In addition, I love to see happy pretty faces with them on their legs as I explore the Internet.

When I open my nyloned flower to receive the penetration, I want the long stay.  To keep it deep I have my feet hug butts tighter.  This guarantees a long visit to explore overwhelming sex fantasies I crave when I'm alone in the car.  I have to contain my explosions of desire all day long when I wear 15 denier nylons in public, hoping to be stared at with the same passion.  I love the smell of my worn stockings, too.  I go to sleep at times with them close to my lips.  I nibble them and do myself to sleep.  I love to roll a stocking over a stiffy and  tease the living cum out of my victim, feel his quiver and feel the warm ooze fill the nylon's toe while I watch perfection. 

Watch his eyes while I squeeze his jewels and collect the final spills on my tongue. This was the thought I was having, commuting. 

Yes, I do love Ginger and we see each other from time to time. This is an exception in my love life, a true Loving Friend I keep for me.  I'll post more pictures latter of us in bed together at my place.

Humans most favorite hobby, our survival depends on sex, not this climate stuff.  The more we depend on offspring to carry the earth forward the more sex is needed.  Women need it, men want it.  So lets make it more pleasurable.