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 Stockings Fetish niche is a widely accepted sexual stimulant . So, stockings, is it the item?  Or, is it much more than the nylon material?  You decide.  Myself, it's the vintage nylons on my Very shapely legs.  In addition, I love to see happy pretty faces with them on their legs as I explore the Internet. When I open my nyloned flower to receive the penetration, I want the long stay.  To keep it deep I have my feet hug butts tighter.  This guarantees a long visit to explore overwhelming sex fantasies I crave when I'm alone in the car.  I have to contain my explosions of desire all day long when I wear 15 denier nylons in public, hoping to be stared at with the same passion.  I love the smell of my worn stockings, too.  I go to sleep at times with them close to my lips.  I nibble them and do myself to sleep.  I love to roll a stocking over a stiffy and  tease the living cum out of my victim, feel his quiver and feel the warm ooze fill the nylon's toe while I watch perfec

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